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While the Neve collection—which is already in stores—offers authentic skiwear with all the gear the sport demands, the show was mainly a demonstration of the urban fashion wardrobe that the slopes inspire. Fitted padded trousers and matching puffer jackets had

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Twenty is a limited edition watch created to commemorate Tambour’s twentieth anniversary and is only available in a run of 200 units. The casing of the Tambour Twenty has the same distinctive and easily identifiable flared

Tiffany also commissioned a film by music video director Mark Romanek, set to Beyoncé’s latest hit “Summer Renaissance,” that is slated to debut on its website in October. Titled “Lose Yourself in Love,” the Beyoncé campaign for Tiffany expresses themes similar

Louis Vuitton is poised to unveil its largest high jewelry collection to date in Marrakech on Tuesday, and it has a new brand ambassador to front the line: Cate Blanchett. The Oscar-winning Australian actress stars in the advertising campaign for