Launched in 2015 as a unique piece, Billionaire, first of the name, was an unheard-of timepiece. Created as a bespoke project, it took several years to find, sort, cut and prep its 239 emerald-cut white

For an assertive look, the perfect combination of jewelry that evokes style and fashion in every detail requires extraordinary talent. Unique elegance, charm and self-confidence are must-haves in looks with maximal jewelry. Creative new ways

tement, Manuel Mallen describes lab-grown diamonds as follows: “Lab-grown diamonds are not synthetic. In fact, there is no synthesis in the production of these diamonds. There is only one element: carbon, which crystallizes as it

As the spotlight turns to the French Riviera for the 76th edition of the legendary Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off on 16 May 2023, Chopard is celebrating the occasion with the unveiling of its