This watch is endowed with a torso capable of withstanding the colossal pressures associated with life 1000 metres below the ocean’s surface. As someone more accustomed to paddling in shallow waters, this new divers’ watch

ope brings an Italian elegance to intricate artistry in a new jewellery collection, ‘Luna’, which imbues heavy gold chains with effortless flexibility. The 18ct gold mesh chains encircling the wrist and neck are elasticated in

More than 1,500 stones are matched to convey the flamboyant preciousness of the Giardino Dell’Eden Piccolissimo watch, showing a lively combination of butterfly and flower designs inspired by Bulgari’s pieces dating back to the Sixties.

The exhibition will be split into eight themed sections, exploring her innovative approach to fabric, silhouette and construction. It will also explore her professional career, her personal style, and the impact of her work on