Bvlgari inaugurates its largest Serpenti Factory, hosted by the prestigious Genesis Art Gallery designed by Tadao Ando, marking the Grand Finale of two years-long celebrations dedicated to its icon Serpenti. In 2023, in celebration of the

Damiani, known for its tradition of collaborating with celebrities on its advertising campaigns, has previously featured high-profile figures such as Brad Pitt, Isabella Rossellini, Sharon Stone, and Jennifer Aniston. Now, Chastain joins this prestigious list,

Transforming these precious treasures into expressive works of high jewellery requires unparalleled talent and a profound respect for the stones that our planet has to offer. Now, celebrating 20 years of paying homage to the intricacies and

The necklace’s total sale price, $122,000, works out to about $1,634 per carat, above the current per-carat average for lab-grown diamonds. According to industry analyst Edahn Golan, the average retail price of a 1-carat lab-grown