The three brands that took the podium in the category deserve special mention. ' the highly coveted People's Choice category, which between a first place for Richard We and a third for Rosmundo saw Chantecler

Turkiye's first jewelry brand, Storks Diamond's ‘Cherry’ collection, which adapts to every style at any time of the day, is the choice of those who want to achieve a young and energetic style. In this

Cara’s stunning looks in the campaign are enhanced by the styling choices, which include a toffee brown one-sleeved dress and a black off-the-shoulder top. These outfits provide a perfect canvas for the golden accessories, highlighting

Each collection is mounted in a unique metal that is a revival of one of the world’s first metal alloys. Called Modern Electrum, it combines gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, and platinum in a blend that