lbert, who’s based in Long Island, N.Y., is now bringing her design savvy to jewelry lovers: the architect has debuted an eponymous collection of real gold and gold-plated jewels that meld organic forms with details

While the iconic Harmony bracelet model that Hemmerle designed in 1991 and which is regarded as a signature of the brand, celebrates its 30th anniversary; it remains faithful to its perfect symmetry and striking design. The Harmony bracelet emerged as a puzzle-like combination

Patek Philippe will launch a limited edition Ref. 5711 in collaboration with Tiffany & Co. The collaboration is timed to coincide with the 170th anniversary of collaboration between jewelry giants. A total of 170 watches will

When I first saw your products, rather than silver I saw some color transitions which I don’t really see with the other brands. Are you considering to design different jewelry with this technology in the