The Lands Collectıon: Fıne jewelry crafted from natural dıamonds

A fascinating new fine jewelry collection introduces a fresh perspective on design, uniquely inspired by, and exclusively crafted from natural diamonds found in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The Lands Collection reflects the diverse geology and raw beauty of the region, presenting a new way to think about the relationship between the natural world and the artistry of jewelry making. With an emphasis on sustainability, it offers a mindful approach to luxury, challenging traditional notions and encouraging a closer connection between the jewelry we wear and the Earth from which it originates. It’s an approach that mirrors the wine industry’s respect for terroir, ensuring that each piece tells the unique story of its origin.

As the third largest diamond-producing region on Earth, the Northwest Territories is home to three diamond mines. Each of the three sub-collections within Lands—Ice, Earth, and Spirit—pays homage to each mine and the distinct environments that have nurtured their natural diamonds. The Diavik mine, the result of a 75-million-year-old kimberlite eruption, gifts us with the natural diamonds that make up the Ice collection. These diamonds are commonly as clear and pure as the Arctic ice where they form. They are set in white metal to reflect the minimalist beauty of their origins, with baguette-shaped diamonds mimicking the fissures in the ice.

A stone’s throw away, the Ekati mine offers a contrasting narrative. Here, amidst ancient, fossilized sequoia, is a deposit rich in yellow and cape-colored natural diamonds. This is where the Earth collection finds its roots. The bold essence of Ekati is captured in designs that incorporate pyramids as geological markers, set in rose and yellow metals to embody the warm hues of the diamonds found there.

The Spirit collection is inspired by Gahcho Kue, which at 500 million years old, is the oldest diamond-bearing kimberlite pipe known. It honors the mesmerizing fluorescent diamonds that are commonly found there. Their glow under UV light mimics the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights under which they form. Its unique designs of bubbles and spheres evoke the intangible spiritual nature of its origins.

Each collection is mounted in a unique metal that is a revival of one of the world’s first metal alloys. Called Modern Electrum, it combines gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, and platinum in a blend that is not only beautiful but also 100% recycled. This commitment to sustainability underscores the ethos of the Lands Collection. It represents a responsible luxury that respects the Earth and echoes the conscientious lifestyle of the people of the Northwest Territories.