Bıg Success for Brosway Italıa durıng 2024 jck show

Brosway Italia received great appreciation during the latest edition of the JCK Show in Las Vegas. The brand stood out with a powerful marketing campaign and innovative projects, captivating the thousands of visitors from the Americas as well as from Canada and the Carribean Islands.

Once again, Brosway Italia affirmed its status as a leader in the jewelry industry. The brand not only showcased the latest and highly acclaimed women collections, like the colorful Fancy, but also successfully introduced its men’s line and new furniture, marking a significant focus for the brand, with a comprehensive selling system ready for market.

​”We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the JCK Show” said Beatrice Beleggia, CEO of Brosway Italia’s U.S. division. “Our aim is to keep showcasing Italian elegance, design, and style globally, and this event was a significant success in that endeavor.”  

During the JCK Show, Brosway Italia made a significant impact by successfully showcasing its brand identity and style at its flagship store in the Grand Canal Shoppes. Partners, buyers, and clients had the exclusive opportunity to explore the newly designed space. This event highlighted Brosway Italia’s commitment to innovation and excellence in retail design, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

This collaboration between JCK and Brosway Italia is supported by a series of marketing activities. For many years, Brosway Italia has proudly supported Jewelry for Children, and also this year the brand joined the annual gala dinner held during the show. Brosway Italia’s successful achievement in the Americas underscored its dedication to excellence in the jewelry industry, solidifying its reputation as a fashionable and philanthropic brand.