Our story goes back to 1997..

‘GBM’, as a publication that has been in the jewellery industry since 1997; plays an important role in global marketing on behalf of jewellery brands. ‘Gold Book Magazine’, which affects the purchasing plans of jewelers; closely follows jewellery and fashion trends and offers inspiring content.

‘GBM’, which has no other example in the world in its field of access, as the media partner of International Fair Organizations; reaches industry professionals at 14 major jewellery fairs throughout the years.

Each published issue reaches 80% of the jewellers in Dubai – Qatar – Kuwait – Bahrain and Los Angeles it reaches 90% of the selected jewellers based on business volume and population density in 20 provinces. Gold Book Magazine, which influences retail and wholesale jewellers’ purchasing plans, offers inspirational content about trends by closely following the trends of jewellery and fashion.

Followed by the sector professionals of more than150 countries across the world.. attracts the attention of the visitors with sharing of content created regularly every day. Our website is receiving 120 thousand visitors in total from 2910 cities in 171 countries in a year.

We reach over than 10000 jewellery professionals registered in Gbm’ CRM system through WhatsApp. The digital version of ‘Gbm’, which consists of interactive documents, meets our readers via WhatsApp. Thanks to this document we send, the readers can reach the mobile phones, websites, or social media accounts of the advertisers by using the links on the document.


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