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Losing oneself among the watches, seeing mechanisms and complications up close, personally touching the most sophisticated timepieces, meeting experts in the field and being totally immersed in the world of contemporary watchmaking: all this is possible at VO'Clock Privé, the

Companies in the jewelry sector looking to participate in the IJS Istanbul Jewelry Show, showcasing a wide range of products including gold, jewelry, diamonds, colored stones, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, silver jewelry and silverware, gold mounts, refining, timepieces,

From techniques already used in the Bronze Age to the laser tools of today, the aim of the goldsmith's trade is to create objects of value and ensure economic growth. The main question is: which processes allow jewellery or fashion

Yesterday saw the opening of the 43rd edition of Oroarezzo, the IEG - Italian Exhibition Group event specifically for Made in Italy production and technology at the service of the gold and jewellery sector. Until Tuesday 14th May, in the

Export-oriented, markedly international and ready to recognise talent. Among the leading names of exhibitors at Oroarezzo 2024, the gold and silverware manufacturing industry is ready to rediscover the foreign reference markets of Italy's leading production district: the Arab Emirates,