Author: isa Isayev

The Swiss watchmaker Omega has expanded its most famous Speedmaster Moonwatch line with updated designs and a new movement certified according to the Master Chronometer standard.

The Italian fashion house Versace has presented a new collection campaign. Donatella Versace immerses us in dreams of the hot summer, for which the Italian designer has created unforgettable images. The main muses of the house - Hailey Bieber, Kendall

Also, the brand's jewelers worked for a long time on an inlaid bracelet with 370 black and 202 white diamonds. Individually specially designed so that vex can be worn together ve separately. In total, the collection includes more than 20 items

International Gemology Institute to Increase the Value of the Sector with a Laboratory in Turkey International Gemological Institute (IGI), which has been carrying out certification and training activities on jewelry, precious stones and diamonds in the world jewelry market for nearly

Sautoir has become one of the iconic jewelry for Chanel, they still release a variety of options, paying tribute to their creator. Such adornments were worn most of all in the 1920s. The fashion for them has passed, but only recently

OSO premiered at the San Sebastian International Film Festival on September 25. The story about the brand begins from the moment when Salvador Tous’ father began working as an apprentice watchmaker.

Taking advantage of the experience accumulated over the years of collaborations, the craftsmen used Venezia leather to create not only the strap, but also the dial. The dial of the watch is still trimmed with leather, which is enclosed between

The World Platinum Investment Council, an organization that works in the market for the sale of platinum, has calculated that the consumption of this metal only in China will rise by 13% in 2021. More brands are switching to this

Caro is made by the best artisans of the house in an Italian workshop. The bag is crafted from calfskin and features a signature quilted pattern. To achieve the desired effect, each model requires 18 thousand stitches. Embossed 30 Montaigne

The C|ND|N Honeycomb Collection consisting of hexagons means "abundance". This collection focuses on the hexagon, which is the highest capacity and strongest geometric shape. Gold and silver are used together in the pieces of the collection; Indispensable for both classic