Grand Seıko releases ıts fırst exclusıve watch to commemorate the fırst year of the establıshment of ıts Asıa-Pacıfıc dıvısıon

As summer transitions into autumn, there is a chance that you might catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji in all its burgundy glory. This extremely rare natural phenomenon known as Aka Fuji (Red Fuji) is the work of clear air and altostratus clouds reflecting the red light of the sunrise and sunset onto the mountain. The Japanese believe this to be a symbol of success and happiness.  

Grand Seiko has replicated the hue for the SBGH327, exclusive to the Asia-Pacific region to mark one year after the establishment of Grand Seiko Asia-Pacific.

The dial has been skilfully crafted to capture the fleeting beauty of Mount Fuji. It is paired with a 39.5mm stainless steel case polished to an uncompromising shine using the Zaratsu technique. It is powered by the Hi-Beat Cal.9S85 equipped with the Spring Drive technology for superlative accuracy. 

Available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam, the SBGH327 is limited to 168 pieces.