Osı Vıtorıa – unıque, fascınatıng and magnıfıcent

Osi Vitoria jewelry is a high art jewelry brand from Hong Kong, deeply connected to nature, drawing inspiration from its subtle beauty, and capturing its emotions and insights. Flowers, animals, and greenery inspire the artistic jewelry.

Each piece by OSI VITORIA embodies a romantic artistic style and a profound appreciation for natural colors. Using natural gemstones, gold, and titanium, it skillfully blends nature with trendy design, creating exquisite custom jewelry that reflects the craftsmanship and confidence.

The works have been featured in prestigious events, including exhibitions in Vicenza, Italy, the JCK show in the United States, and jewelry exhibitions in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Floral Necklace

The “Floral Ensemble” is a Necklace that draws inspiration from fireworks dancing in the sky. Thousands of stars sparkle before our eyes. As fireworks bloom, the entire world becomes magnificent and vibrant. This longing for beauty illuminates the wonderful moments in our hearts. The experience of fireworks is probably one the most beautiful memories in life. It provides us with magic feeling from colorful lights illuminating the dark night sky, with endless fantasies and romance.

It also inspired this exceptionally elegant, romantic, and splendid piece. The jewelry is crafted with 62.67 carats of natural emerald as the main stone. Additional 44 carats of emeralds, 124 carats of colored gemstone spinels and sapphires and 10.7 carats of diamonds total 3248 pieces inserted in a18K gold and titanium metal structure retrieve the sparkling and colorful nature of the firework.

Lily Brooch

The “Viola” series from the Garden collection draws inspiration from nature, with the elegant and pure white lily flourishing in the valleys. It symbolizes the return of happiness, awaiting the arrival of love. Unfurling leaves crafted from three different materials: emerald, spinel, and jadeite evoke the growing expectation of the spring. The valley blossoms carved from white jade render the entire jewelry piece more pure, three-dimensional, and vivid.

Hummingbird Brooch

The “Free Bird” draws inspiration from the deep freedom and the soul of hummingbirds. They are bringing happiness and joy. The diamond in the hummingbird’s bird beck showcases the bird collecting a drop of dew and bring him to the nest. It symbolizes the life and freedom chasing character oof the hummingbird. The Saphir and diamond ornament showcase the bird natural grace and delicacy.