Gembrıdge launches “Phenomenal Gems” collectıon

Digital gemstone trading platform Gembridge has launched a unique collection of “phenomenal” gemstones that feature extraordinary optical effects.

The “Phenomenal Gems” collection comprises phenomena such as:

– “Chatoyancy” or “cat’s eye effect” in cat’s eye Chrysoberyl;

– “Asterism” in Corundum; – “Change of colour” in various gemstones, mainly Sapphires, Alexandrites and Garnets.

“The title of this collection says it all: some stones interact with light in ways that give them unusual optical effects, or phenomena,” says Commercial Director Jean Jureidini.

“There are phenomenal gems at all market levels and budgets.”

Having a gemstone that exhibits a “phenomenon” adds rarity and value to jewellery, and is sometimes given esoteric meanings and worn as an amulet. Such gems are sought after by connoisseurs and gem collectors.