Celebrating our inner brilliance, jewelry & watch designer and diamond painter Reena Ahluwalia has launched her first-ever diamond watch collection.
In her signature style, the timepieces spotlight mesmerizing diamond paintings by Reena on the dial-in 3D. The watches are designed by Reena as Wrist Art. The central message is carried by her diamond painting for all who celebrate their strengths and are like diamonds – resilient, unbreakable, and with limitless light.
The Swiss Made timepieces are gender-neutral, elegant, with a modern sensibility and a luxurious finish. The watch bezel is reminiscent of the crown facets of a diamond. The timepieces feature natural diamonds and come with the options of one or two-tone Stainless Steel metal straps or Italian leather straps.
The retail price of watches is under $500. There are nine SKUs and come in three styles in 36 mm – white diamond, yellow diamond, and pink diamond.  

The Coronet By Reena diamond watches are Reena’s extended partnership with top HK-based company, Aaron Shum Jewelry. The company has ten Guinness World Records in the field of diamonds.  
At BaselWorld 2019, Reena and Aaron Shum earned a Guinness World Record for the Mudan Watch, with most diamonds set on a watch. The show stopper in the Mudan watch is Reena’s hand painted diamond on the dial. This watch collection builds on the success of that record and took three years to develop.
Reena’s design exploration starts with a memorable thought she wants her designs to carry, in this case, to embrace our inner brilliance. It is followed by her many hand-drawn sketches and technical blueprints, before moving to CAD, model making, and fine-tuning details after multiple trials and adjustments.
Reena designed her first watch in 2009 for a famous NBA player, who commissioned her to make a custom watch documenting his life’s achievements.