Louıs Vuıtton ıs debutıng ıts own custom cut dıamonds

It wasn’t too long ago that Louis Vuitton started getting serious about its jewellery when, in 2020, it purchased the 1,758-carat Sewelô, the second largest rough diamond ever unearthed. The fate of that massive stone is still a mystery, but in the meantime the French luxury house has unveiled a fresh coup: a new LV Diamonds collection which boasts a custom Monogram Star diamond cut that’s unique to the brand. The cut takes obvious reference from the house’s historic monogram pattern, invented in 1896 by Georges Vuitton to be used on steamer trunks. It was devised to set Louis Vuitton luggage apart from counterfeits. As finely cut and faceted diamonds— infinitely harder to imitate—one could consider that original goal well-achieved, albeit in a new form.

These diamonds are set to be the centrepieces of the LV Diamonds collection, designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, the brand’s artistic director for watches and jewellery. The four-pointed star, cut with 53 facets, makes a brilliantly graphic focal point. There will be rings, earrings and pendant necklaces that feature the distinct Monogram Star diamonds, mounted on monogram flower-shaped bezels with tiny V-shaped claws that hug the points of the gems.

The LV Diamonds collection also includes two styles of rings that invoke house motifs. There’s a line of V-shaped bands, which lend themselves naturally to stacking. Another style of bands, dubbed Damier, is crafted with two angled rows and set alternatingly with diamonds to evoke the house’s famous checkerboard pattern. All the jewellery in this collection is offered, for now, in a choice of platinum, white gold or pink gold—colours that are easy to mix and match, and which rightly let the diamonds shine.

Louis Vuitton has introduced the LV Diamonds certificate, an innovative and transparent way of endorsing the centrepiece stones in this collection. It’s provided with pieces set with a central stone, and will list more than just the standard four criteria of cut, carat, colour and clarity. It will also track each stone’s journey from where it was first extracted, through the workshops where it was cut, polished and set, and finally when it arrived as a finished jewel. These certificates are powered and secured by blockchain technology, ensuring that the carefully documented story of each diamond—a symbol of eternity—is safe from tampering and forgery.