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Discover the Serpentine Pouch and Serpenti Cabochon bag in this new 'Shades of Emerald' colorways. Bulgari reimagines the timeless charm of these vibrant accessories in a sensuous shade inspired by the regal emerald.

“I believe that, just as flowers, precious stones are the gift of nature… I am so lucky because I am the opposite neighbor of one of my closest friends. I think she has the most beautiful secret garden in Rome.

Playing on the beautiful contrast of black background and exuberant embroidery, the Serpenti Midnight Garden of Eden bag offers a night version of Bulgari’s enchanting garden of wonders. A timeless symbol of beauty and grace, the stunning peacock takes the

More than 1,500 stones are matched to convey the flamboyant preciousness of the Giardino Dell’Eden Piccolissimo watch, showing a lively combination of butterfly and flower designs inspired by Bulgari’s pieces dating back to the Sixties. Recreating the image of a

Along with starring in the images shot by Dan Jackson, Zendaya and Anne Hathaway are the protagonists of a brand movie directed by Academy Award-winner Paolo Sorrentino. Experiencing small and big wonders, the two superstars explore a magical rain of