Beyond Tıme: The Authorısed Hıstory Of Bulgarı Watches

300 pages, 8 chapters written by the greatest names of Bulgari, friends, ambassadors, and experts of the brand. “Beyond Time”, the only authorised history of Bulgari watchmaking, will be published in September 2023 by Assouline. This marks a first for the Manufacture, which is celebrating more than 100 years of Roman-inspired watchmaking creativity.

Beyond Time does more than to summarise a century of watchmaking savoir-faire: it is the sum total of all Bulgari has ever achieved in the domain of horology since the 1920s. An authoritative reference work on the brand’s singular “Horologico-Roman” and jewellery-inspired creativity, it is the product of years of research, authored by the company’s greatest specialists and featuring hundreds of original, captivating illustrations.

The book, published by Assouline, will be available in September 2023. It opens a far-reaching panorama on the watchmaking artistry of the Maison that became a Manufacture. It weaves the past with the present, heritage with innovation, and, in its final chapter, looks ahead to technologies that will, in time, enhance the reality and experience of horology.