The serpent is a mythological symbol representing good, evil, wisdom, and eternity from past to present and in many cultures. The serpent represents life and death, wisdom and blind passion, blessing, and bane… Throughout the ages, these mysterious and semi-sacred creatures have embodied many meanings in different countries and civilisations with ongoing human interest. The women of ancient times believed that the serpent symbol could protect them from the deception of rivals and was a charm for fortune and good luck.

The serpent symbol was a popular motif used in jewellery, especially bracelets, and rings, from the earliest periods of history. These pieces of jewellery testified to the courage and strength of the personality of their owner. Let’s take a trip back to the Victorian era when Prince Albert favoured the serpent motif to prove and show his affection. His engagement to Queen Victoria of Great Britain in 1839 was sealed with an emerald ring featuring a serpent design. Subsequently, this style of the ring quickly caught on. After the 1st World War, luxury jewellery brands such as Cartier, Bulgari, and Boucheron incorporated serpent motifs into their aesthetic and style. The motifs, which made very little noise at the time, made a comeback in the 1960s and caught on.

One of the most famous instances of the use of the serpent in fine jewellery is the “Serpenti” collection by the Italian luxury jewellery brand Bulgari. Newly created every season, serpent-designed jewellery pieces are a favourite in the high-jewellery industry with their art deco style and always contemporary look. The seductive effect and interpretation of the colourful gemstones added to the jewels over time invoke exotic and magical realms. The Italian jewellery house creates a recognisable, refined silhouette that draws attention not only to the serpents’ sinuous bodies but also to their elegant head structure.

Boucheron’s “Serpent Bohéme” collection is a fascinating blend of delicately carved scales, teardropshaped gemstones, and different colour variations of gold. The New York-based jewellery brand David Webb has also introduced serpent-inspired jewellery into its range. With its “Animal Kingdom” collection, which draws on the silhouettes of nature’s wild creatures, the brand appeals to your dreams and senses with a serpentine bracelet and ring of the same design wrapped around a large sapphire crystal covered in lustrous enamel.

Serpentine motifs represent the rich heritage and distinctive creativity of artisanship in the collections of Garrard, Azza Fahmy, Cadar, Messika, and other global brands.

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