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The names of the rings evoke the mood each one conjures up. The ‘Green Magic Carpet’ ring features mysterious glossy green malachite enhanced with vivid emeralds. The glistening mirage of colors created by labradorite and diamonds reflects the aquatic world

Pomellato has created the one-of-a-kind Venetian Dream diamond-set high jewellery necklace, inspired by this iconic Gothic palazzo, to mark the unveiling of the completed Light and Reflections project. CEO of Pomellato Group, Sabina Belli commented: “We have worked with Venetian Heritage

Pomellato proudly unveils the third chapter of its High Jewelry collection, La Gioia 2022: ‘A Walk in Nature, from Sunrise to Darkness.’ In this collection, La Gioia portrays a summer stroll along an imaginary landscape of light and beauty, expressing