Pomellato Launches A New Capsule Collectıon: Scarabeo Dı Pomellato

Pomellato unearths Mother Nature’s most exquisite treasures, which in the hands of its skilled artisans, are transformed into sculptural masterpieces. Scarabeo di Pomellato is a capsule collection of 31 luxurious rings, each in the shape of a scarab beetle, carved from a wide variety of hardstones and gemstones. This new and very precious collection offers a glimpse into the intriguing world of gemstones, revealing breathtakingly beautiful examples of unusual minerals of compelling attraction.

Pomellato is the ultimate expert in crafting colored gemstones, and the scarabeo is an intriguing new concept that elegantly expresses its passion for craftsmanship. Each ring is hand carved from a one-of-a-kind section of mineral, each one featuring unique patterns and traits. Subtle, unusual and exquisitely refined, Scarabeo di Pomellato perfectly embodies the Milanese concept of luxury.

Throughout the centuries, the scarab has been treasured as an amulet. It is a symbol of rebirth and defence, and has been a constant presence in the history of jewelry. Pomellato’s archives reveal designs of scarab jewels including a 1977 gold pendant and a bracelet from 1988. Today, the scarab finds new life in Pomellato’s boldly colourful interpretations of this age-old representation of renewal. Vincenzo CastaldoCreative Director, who this year celebrates his 20th anniversary at Pomellato, explains: “I aimed to bring to life the magic and emblematic power of gemstones in a contemporary talisman in our signature Pomellato style. The rings evoke the strength of this ancient sign of protection while celebrating the dazzling natural beauty of each stone”.

Evoking the house’s iconic and voluptuous cabochon cocktail rings in an array of vibrant colors, the scarab rings have sensual, feminine shapes with soft curves and generous volumes. The rings are not a precise reproduction of the beetle, but a stylized interpretation and elements, such as the insects’ legs, are transformed into precious jewelry details. Pomellato’s mastery of color is evident in the striking combinations of gemstones carefully selected in each piece.

Each ring is a window into the wondrous world of gemstones: from banded blue chalcedony to greenyblue amazonite, mottled-green zoisite, black and white banded agate, pinky-red rhodochrosite, powder blue turquoise, dappled blue-green chrysocolla and, luminous lime green peridot. Starting with the rough, each section of gemstone was meticulously selected to maximize its appeal. The design team took great care in choosing the position of the bands of color, inclusions and the special effects characteristic of each gem variety.

The names of the rings evoke the mood each one conjures up. The ‘Green Magic Carpet’ ring features mysterious glossy green malachite enhanced with vivid emeralds. The glistening mirage of colors created by labradorite and diamonds reflects the aquatic world of the ‘Water Lily Secret’ ring. The mesmerizing pattern of grey and white rutilated quartz reveals the complexity of its structure in the ‘Crystal Maze’ ring. Sky blue tanzanite with clouds of white and a pavé of the same stone gives ‘Beyond the Horizon’ its name. For the ‘Oasis of Calm’ ring, a sense of peace is created with nephrite jade reminiscent of sunlight streaming through palm fronds and combined with the flash of deep red spinels.