Approaches such as rational decision-making and planning are not always sufficient to ensure that things go smoothly. It’s a wellknown fact that when faced with uncontrollable external conditions, the game shifts to possibilities and luck. Perhaps that’s why, for centuries, people have been searching for ways to increase their luck, to embrace fortune. As a result of this effort, every culture has created symbols that are believed to bring luck. At times, these symbols transform into objects of belief, becoming necklaces, rings, or other accessories, serving as a “guardian” for their owner. Today, symbols of luck have become indispensable in the contemporary jewelry industry. Ranging from high-end jewelry to simple silver pieces, these symbols boast diverse and stylish appearances, often overshadowing their ancient meanings.

The horseshoe is one of the most common symbols of belief encountered in every age and culture. Its roots trace back to ancient beliefs associating the ‘U’ shape with luck, the sanctity of iron, and the crescent-shaped symbol of abundance representing the moon goddess in Ancient Rome.

An original accessory, a charm of luck; moreover, the horseshoe symbol, also used as a personal amulet against negative energy, the evil eye, harm, and accidents, is suitable for every generation with its gold and silver designs. Refined designs alongside ethnicinspired items: necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, and bracelets made of stones, wood, leather, and metal are timeless pieces.

Necklaces featuring the horseshoe symbol provide a detailed insight into their meanings: Wearing the horseshoe necklace with the ends pointing upward is believed to protect the wearer’s luck and prosperity while wearing it with the ends pointing downward is thought to attract luck to the wearer. These types of jewelry, which could become the must-have in your jewelry box, allow you to carry the creative and attention-grabbing power of the “always in fashion” concept. Whether you believe in their magical properties is entirely up to you!

The blue beads with a yellow, light blue, or black dot on navy, commonly known as the evil eye beads, are one of the most prevalent symbols in our culture. This belief, with roots as ancient as the history of civilizations, asserts that malevolent individuals can reflect their negativity through their eyes, adversely affecting those in their gaze, and leading to misfortune. This concept traces back to ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Egyptians. The modern-day eyeshaped beads represent the eye of the god Horus in ancient Egyptian history, with one eye as the moon and the other as the sun.

The evil eye bead figures, designed by adding an eye symbol onto glass, are a successful example of the transition from craft to jewelry design. Initially created for decorative purposes for children, these charms have now cast their enchantment onto the collections of jewelry brands worldwide. Nowadays available in almost every jewelry brand, lucky charms adorned with evil eye beads, including charm necklaces, colorful bracelets, signet rings,hair accessories, and simple-designed earrings, are among the most preferred. When worn, they undoubtedly add elegance to your outfits.

The four-leaf clover is globally recognized as a symbol of luck and healing. It is a rare find, occurring in about one in a thousand clovers, and is believed to bring good fortune. People attribute various mythological and cultural meanings to this plant, considering not only its healing properties but also its rarity. Ancient Celts viewed the four-leaf clover as a symbol of abundance and prosperity, while during the Roman Empire, it was accepted as a symbol of Venus. In Chinese mythology, the four-leaf clover represented the four corners of the world.

Items designed as a symbol of lifelong companionship and luck, the clover leaf-themed items are a beautiful choice for gifting to your loved ones. It’s never too late to wish luck by presenting an elegant necklace or diamonddetailed earrings that reflect this meaning to your loved ones. Elegant and captivating designs provide an impressive option for those who want to emphasize love, respect, and unity. The four-leaf clover designs, carrying both its ancient character and a blend of plenty of luck, a dash of passion, and a hint of infinity that we want to convey to our loved ones and ourselves, transform into priceless jewels crafted by skilled hands, illuminating our lives.