Pomellato has named Emmy-nomınated actress Joey Kıng ıts new brand ambassador

Brothers Luca and Alessandro Morelli photographed King wearing Nudo, Iconica, Catene and Pomellato Together jewels.

King “truly represents the courage and tenacity of the Pomellato woman,” chief executive officer Sabina Belli said of the American actress. “She joins the incredible Pomellato for Women cast, a community of different generations, walks of life, and accomplishments, to represent her own unique facet of womanhood. With Joey’s unbridled ambition and captivating talent, her voice will speak for a new generation of hope and the Pomellato values that we hold dear.”

King was part of Pomellato’s new awareness campaign to honor International Women’s Day on March 8, this year advocating freedom, together with the likes of Jane Fonda; Italian volleyball champion, activist and icon for LGBTQ rights Paola Egonu; Iranian rock climber and women’s rights activist Nasim Eshqi, and Belli.

Pomellato began the Pomellato for Women campaign in 2017 to promote gender equality, inclusivity and female empowerment.

Commenting on this new development with Pomellato, King emphasized that “the brand is known for supporting women, equality and eco-consciousness. With handcrafted jewels by Italian artisans, they are not only exquisite, but steeped with meaning. Pomellato prioritizes having exceptional jewelry and representing a beautiful message.”

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