pomellato La Gıoıa Collectıon 2022 was ınspıred by the lıght over a summer’s day

Pomellato proudly unveils the third chapter of its High Jewelry collection, La Gioia 2022: ‘A Walk in Nature, from Sunrise to Darkness.’ In this collection, La Gioia portrays a summer stroll along an imaginary landscape of light and beauty, expressing the jeweler’s view of the first rays of the rising sun, all the way to the deep mysteries of the night. Composed of 33 precious hand-crafted jewels, the one-of-a-kind creations embody the moods and sensations in seven different themes, expressed with peerless craftsmanship: the Secrets of the Rising Sun, Summer Storm, Shades of the Rainbow, Midday Gold, Into the Sunset, Evening Shadows, and Discoveries in the Darkness.

La Gioia di Pomellato 2022 is a testament to Pomellato’s unique view of nature captured in its daring approach to high jewellery. Each design is so boldy original and brilliantly concieved and crafted that they can be worn with ease from the red carpet to everyday denim.

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