A Rebel Entry to the Current Fashıon ın the Summer Season wıth Impressıve “Body Accessorıes”

In recent years, chains, which have shaped our accessory style with their new vision, have become so ingrained in our daily lives that the global fashion industry is working non-stop to find new ways to use them. Chain body jewelry, which has made a rapid entry from the Ancient Age to the present day, also conquers the hearts of high fashion representatives. Body jewelry, which plays the role of the most excellent accessory for you to emphasize your slim waist, flat stomach, and stunning tanned skin; is in perfect harmony with low-waisted trousers, one-piece tops, miniskirts, and indispensable swimsuits of the beach in the warmth of the summer sun… Accessories that say “I’m here!” at the beach, disco, party, or just in daily life adapt to every style; giving uniqueness with their attractive and fresh looks.

Generally, body accessories are divided into three groups: Belly Chain, Chain Belt, and Body Chain.

The Belly Chain, which stands for a type of body accessory in English, once had a symbolic feature in the Maldives that distinguished scientists from other people. This type of jewelry made of precious metal for women from noble families of Siberia later attracted attention in the Arab world as an accessory frequently used by belly dancers.

Chain belts, the complementary accessory of low-waist trousers, which we thought that the fashion world would perhaps never include again, have been signaling a comeback by finding their place in the looks of famous names recently. Chain Belt accessories play a key role in summer parties with rich alternatives ranging from miniskirts, which are indispensable for hot summer, to dazzling long transparent dresses. Designs that offer a vibrant style are being carried a little higher by fashionistas today, when lowwaisted jeans are out of fashion and replaced by high waists, turning into the complement of effortless and flashy style. Sometimes these jewelry pieces are not worn on bare skin; they turn into the chain belt of trousers, skirts, and shorts and make a fearless entry into formal elegance.

Body Chain, the most common member of seasonless jewelry, actually represents a kind of reconciliation of the other two accessories. Starting at the neck, extending around the waist, and sometimes going down to the legs, body jewelry deserves to be a favorite piece in summer, spring, and even winter. This type of jewelry, which has now entered the wardrobe of everyone from Instagram influencers to star names, embraces unlimited harmony with the bikini on the beach. Body Chain can also be the only shining detail of a daily oversized suit or the complementary accent of a white sweater. As the best-selling and favorite piece of High Jewelry brands, body jewelry continues its indispensable status for beauty representatives such as Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid.