Gold and precious stones become canvas and colors to “paint” true works of art. A fascinating advertising campaign in which worn jewellery is framed as a painting to express a direct message from the artist Carlo Palmiero, that is his love for art. An expression, a contemporary language in which jewels are the natural connection between art, craftsmanship, fashion and design, with their strong “defense” in precious materials as the main guarantee of eternity. “40 years of experience and research in expressive experimentation, have led me to withdraw from the market rules, and side by side with the art world, to express my inner passion through jewellery creation. Memories, dreams and feelings that I can express only by means of handwork, almost to provide justice to it”. Carlo Palmiero works on this correspondence between art, jewellery and individual, to the point that we remain attracted by his jewels, so that each of us may recognize in his creations the unconscious and hidden part of oneself. This is the force of art: a feeling, an emotion that for unknown reasons attracts us to something unexpected.


The Curious Parrot Collection

A detachable jewel created to be worn as a brooch or hooked to a precious necklace, becoming an exclusive and elegant collier. It comes from the idea of enhancing the love for Nature. From wax to gold as in sculpture, Carlo Palmiero portrays the exotic and cute volatile in all its smallest nuances, using more than 1000 precious stones in the most vibrant colors.


Rays of Sun Collection

Imagine opening your eyes and letting yourself be captured by the light of the rays of sun, they warm your body up by the playful interchange of light and shadow drawn on the skin. Light has been “enclosed” in this collection and celebrated by curves and sinuous movements of shiny gold, alternating with sanded lines and thus creating a radiant effect. A tribute to nature, the sun and its splendor that leads us into unforgettable moments. An emotion for nature lovers, another unique sensation. This innovative jewel brings Palmiero to the creation of a new iconic collection. Ring and matching earrings enriched by white diamond griffes and a strap of passion red inside the ring.


Dancing Soul Collection

Vibrant and sensual ballets like the can-can, frills costumes and dancers, hence Dancing Soul.

A complete and refined set enriches the collection. Its new volumes, movement and colors give life to a fascinating variation: the collier, in white diamonds and blue sapphires, has a patented flexible core, able to embrace your neck by adapting, almost in a playful way. In set with earrings, matching the necklace frills, and the ring, which elegantly turns around the finger.