Author: Ayşegül Başsoy

A RICH VIEW TO THE ANCIENT WORLD It may seem difficult for the past and future to meet in the same environment. But sometimes a new future is born from the ashes of the past … producer KARTAL TANITIMPhotos by Zeynep AksuSet

UNCHANGING SYMBOL OF TRADITIONS Italy has been one of the leading countries in the jewelry world for centuries. Especially Florence and Genoa are known as the centers of the art of jewelry. We have put under the scope seven generations of

CARTIER’S NEW HIGH JEWELRY COLLECTION Sometimes it is not necessary to take a long journey meet with nature. Thinking that one of environment where deep green is extensive, the rain doesn't stop much and leopard, crocodile or tiger sometime comes across

Are you ready for a long and impressive journey to history by the famous designer Lidya Courteille’s new Caravan high jewelry collection? The wealthy cultural heritage of East Asia, Southern Europe and North Africa will fascinate you in the collection inspired

A FEAST OF EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP Rome- known as one of the centers of culture, fashion, history and eternal glory. The famous high jewelry brand Bulgari became the new king of discovery Rome’s iconic Baroque movement and architecture which was the inspiration of

Let’s see how global jewellery industry helps to fight COVID-19 It has been four months since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. The number of confirmed cases has surpassed nine million worldwide with more than 480,000 lives lost. The situation has

The "Octagon Obsession" collection was created inspired by the wonderful and controversial Castel Del Monte, erected by Frederick II of Swabia, in the last twenty years of his reign, on the top of the margins of the high Murgia in

A NEW REVOLUTION IN COLORED GEMSTONES: GEMCLOUD BRINGS THE GEMSTONE INDUSTRY ONLINE GemCloud technologies - focused on the colored gemstone supply chain – transform gemstone inventories into a shareable digital interactive library, create a unique, secure, vetted and curated online marketplace

Cartier has launched two new “Métiers d’Art“ watch models which were designed with matting, gold embossment, and filigree techniques and which are a piece of artwork. Cartier shared two new “Métiers d’Art” watch models designed by crafters in the plant in

How do you evaluate this period we live with Covid-19? We have been in quarantine for almost 48 days since 15th of March! I think that this will last until the last week of May. When we look as a whole,