Lidya Courteille


Are you ready for a long and impressive journey to history by the famous designer Lidya Courteille’s new Caravan high jewelry collection?

The wealthy cultural heritage of East Asia, Southern Europe and North Africa will fascinate you in the collection inspired from the Great Silk Road.

You will discover again the center of civilizations by the known as Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Iran, Central Asia and Egypt for unique jewels. İn this journey of time the guide will be Alexander the Great, Tamerlan, Marco Polo and Jean Baptiste Tavernier.

The mosaic of Courteille Caravan collection is completing by charming fairy tales, hidden secrets, forgotten cultures and rich treasures.

In addition to being an avant-garde high jewelry artist, Courteille is an avid collector of antiques and gemstones. So her knowledge of historic and cultural subjects is quite strong as is her myriad uses of gemstones.

Courteille does this with a collection of 13 rings, six earrings, four necklaces and two bracelets. For this new collection, as in her previous ones, she creates sculptural pieces that depict people, places, animals and spiritual beings by using paved and encrusted gem settings along with magnificent large stones

  • Lidya Courteille
  • Lidya Courteille
  • Lidya Courteille
  • Lidya Courteille
  • Lidya Courteille
  • Lidya Courteille

Color is always important to her and this collection focuses on various shades of blue and green along with fiery yellow and orange.

The journey to the collection starts from Istanbul. Well known as in 2015 Lydia dedicated a collection to the Topkapı Palace. This collection inspired from the great love story of Roxelana and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent of the vast and powerful Ottoman Empire and to the famous white and blue Iznik ceramics, symbol of Turkey.

The Parisian designer’s Caravan collection also features the unique beauty of the cultural capital.

One of the most attractive pieces of the collection the tulip-shaped ring embroidered with yellow gold and black diamonds, reflects the Ottoman period.

Absolutely magical 18k golden ring inspired by a god with four faces in ancient Babylon has mostly blue and yellow. There is a large Aquamarine on the head of the magical god surrounded by blue Sapphires.

Lidya Courteille
Lidya Courteille

During the Silk Road journey we are passing from Turkey to Iran known as the kingdom of peacocks. The Peacock is a symbol of Persian monarchy. The common motif of two peacocks symmetrically disposed on either side of the Cosmic tree or hom a feature taken from Persia denotes the psychic duality of man (related to the myth of the Gemini) drawing its life force from the principle of unity. Above the large dangly earrings the Peacock stands with its wings spread, designed with blue, purple and green gemstones.

Another example is a ring paved in a multi-faceted design using blue and green with diamonds opens at the top to reveal a flame that is reminiscent of a story from Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest continuously practiced religions.

The ring that reflects this religion unique to Azerbaijan and Iran geography opens at the top to reveal a flame. It uses sapphires, fancy-colored sapphires, tsavorites and one zircon.

The another ring that symbolize The Memento Mori of the Zoroastrianism is embellished with 244 sapphires, 139 white diamonds, 73 brown diamonds and 32 onyx. The ring of hiding two skulls in a bucket, represents the meaning of Memento Mori (don’t forget to die).

The way of journey to Caravan collection is confronting stories about the blue-domed pearl of Central Asia and Amir Timur’s city of Samarkand. A “Vulture Ring” in 18k gold features the bird with its wings wrapped around a part of the domed shaped jewel. The ring is covered with blue sapphires and diamonds symbolizing the Gur-e-Amir mausoleum in Samarkand,

Another jewel inspired by Central Asia, introduces the beauty of the ceramics adorning the The Ulugh Beg Madrasa.

Another aspect of eastern myth are hidden secrets and a magic. One of the most interesting pieces of the cultural journey for Caravan collection was inspired by the Alaaddin cartoon that we loved to watch in our childhood. Another example is a ring with a realistic depiction of Aladdin’s lamp in 18k yellow gold mounted with paved diamonds and sapphires with some turquoise. The top of the lamp opens to reveal more jewels.

On this journey, Lydia Courteille helps to expand our historical knowledge for a bracelet inspired by Darius the Great, of Mesopotamian civilization, a necklace and earrings reminiscent of desolate desert plants, a blue Sumerian lion ring and much more.

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