Cartier has launched two new “Métiers d’Art“ watch models which were designed with matting, gold embossment, and filigree techniques and which are a piece of artwork.

Cartier shared two new “Métiers d’Art” watch models designed by crafters in the plant in La Chaux-de-Fonds. In watches designed with the contributions of embossment masters, crafters placing jewelry and gemstones, designers, face masters, and miniature artisans, natural and valuable details are present together.

Cartier has reinterpreted the panther within years since 1914 when it launched the panther figure as an abstract form. Panther has shed light on many Cartier designs arising out of various sources of inspiration. Any detail in relation to animal figures from motifs to materials and volume provides any requirement to go beyond the various crafts and techniques and to travel to new creative universes created with unexpected meetings.


Ronde Louis Cartier designed by watch masters of Maison des Métiers d’Art this year reveals matting and gold embossment techniques. It was possible to work on the volume by adding gemstones to the materials used in ornamental inlaying and to create a texture similar to half-embossment. This bold initiative which has never been seen before made it mandatory for ornamental laying masters to be trained by jewelry masters of Maison des Métiers d’Art on gold.

75 matting in different sizes and tones produced in 11 different colors constitutes the parts of the decor. The head of the panther figure consists of more than 65 white, yellow, and pink gold components each of which is shaped and processed with sateen. Yellow gold wires were placed in natural matting components with a great discovery way. This reveals the complication and grace discovered by the crafters.

Carties unites ceramic art and composition art of the embossment by coating the points on the fur and eyes of the panther figure with enamel. Rich color palette creates contrast against black and white with opaline and many tones in the range of yellow. Four different color tones are present together in a miniature surface for the eyes. The look of the panther comes to life with light, shine, and dept as an interpretation of the Cartier’s figurative and realistic art. The points in the background are a work of miniature art. 97 hours of this work lasting more than 100 hours were spent on the face. Only 30 pieces were produced each of which was specially numbered.


This year, designers and crafters of Métiers d’Art Maison adapted the filigree technique to be used with enamel. In this technique, enamel powder is heated and stretched until it takes a shape of glass bamboo before it is placed and fixed in the face with tiny yellow gold wires. So, a bamboo effect is provided in the foreground.

Crafters had to tend to other specialties to provide perspective in motives and to adjust depth effects. Round engraving enamel was used for the bamboo in the background, the fur of the panther figure, and black points in its eyes. Miniature art was also utilized for the sky and bamboo in the background. This watch with a design dedicated to the symbolic panther figure of Maison was produced as only 30 pieces each of which was specially numbered.