Rome- known as one of the centers of culture, fashion, history and eternal glory.

The famous high jewelry brand Bulgari became the new king of discovery Rome’s iconic Baroque movement and architecture which was the inspiration of the designers.

The 83 years old Roman jewelry designer Paolo Bulgari embrace his historical heritage with new Barocko collection that full of hope and optimism. The collection adds a modern interpretation to art and architecture of 16th century Rome’s Baroque that celebrates life and beauty.

The creative director of Bulgari Lucia Silvestri and designers have created slightly extravagant but soft designs to admire the maximalist aesthetic.

The most iconic Baroque landmarks of Eternal City is everywhere, from the Fountain of the Four Rivers sculpted by Lorenzo Bernini to the church of Sant’Agnese in Agone designed by Francesco Borromini.

You just need to meet with Barocko collection for that to see the highly decorative ornaments and sculptures, which are indicative of the period, the natural colors and the soul of history.

The properties of Baroque are added to the collection with light and shadow, as well as curved lines and vibrant hues. The grand gems and bold colors of Bulgari are famous also in this season what we used to see. Special jewels of the magnificent collection are giving self-confidence and creative spirit for every woman.

The Rosso Caravaggio necklace stands out with a single 10 carat cushion cut ruby as the center stone. It’s stunning for not just the way it looks (it took 1,500 hours to complete) but also because it is designed to come apart for two necklaces.

Inspired by the impressive splendor of Bernini’s Fountain of Four Rivers, the seductive “Serpenti Spell” bracelet-ring fascinates with sparkling diamonds that take 500 hours to complete.

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