The “Octagon Obsession” collection was created inspired by the wonderful and controversial Castel Del Monte, erected by Frederick II of Swabia, in the last twenty years of his reign, on the top of the margins of the high Murgia in Puglia. The Castel del Monte was built according to an extreme geometric rigor and mathematician. The octagonal plan and the number eight recurs obsessively, in the plan, in the towers and in the number of rooms. An obsession also transmitted in the creation of this original jewelry collection, created by designer Francesco Lops, in a contemporary perspective, firmly believing that the contemporary does not exist without history as much as it ceases to exist without future expectations. The number 8 represents much more than a simple digit; behind its geometric shape, esoteric mysteries and particular meanings are hidden, in different cultures and religions. The jewels are made of 925 silver and can also be made of gold on request.

BIO Francesco Lops

Francesco Lops, obtained the master of Design del Gioiello at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome. After some work experiences as a freelance with Vicenza-based companies, he opens his own laboratory Atelier in his city Andria. But the urge to travel, discover the world and make new experiences bring it to move to Asia, where he will live 7 years between Manila and Hong Kong working as main designer for the French / Philippine company, Jewelmer producer of South Sea Pearls. After 12 years of collaboration he founds with other partners, “Unica Italian Design”, based in Rome, manufacturer of jewelry and fashion accessories. Five years later he leaves the creative direction and moves in Los Angeles for a collaboration with a American manufacturer of pearl jewelry. After this brief American experience, he moved in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, for another challenge, Become creative director for Damas Jewelery, a well-known company with 300 stores across the middle east at the end of the two years begins to work for the Arzano jewelery company, where he will design special collections of diamond jewelry

large carat sizes and uncommon cuts, for important Arab customers. From 2018 he returns to Italy and continues to work for Diosa Jewels based in Mumbai, Paris, Dubai, Sidney and Doha. and for himself with the brand Francesco Lops Jewels,designs and designs exclusive jewels.