2024, the year of new beginnings, is an opportunity to be mesmerized once again by the magnificence of all that surrounds us. Festive lights, streets full of joyful smiles, a magical sky full of stars and fireworks invite everyone to feel the brilliance of the new year. It’s not easy to capture the New Year’s mood with sequined dresses, classic outfits, and extra embellishments that make glittery makeup even more stunning. Get ready to shine with your favorite decorations for this special night!

Timelessly elegant and romantic in design, Melie Jewelry connects with the woman who wears it andappeals to her emotions. With an emphasis on memories, the jewelry draws inspiration from legendary love stories, fairy tales, mythology, different cultures and civilizations, architecture, literature and art. The shapes used in the designs, the stones chosen, and the cuts are always based on the story to be told. Melie Jewelry, which entered the
jewelry world with the “Scent of Love” collection of necklaces in the shape of perfume bottles and the “Memoria” collection of medallion necklaces that can be embedded with photographs, designs special jewelry that integrates with the wearer, just as a scent identifies with a person.

Since 2015, Liza Borzaya, one of Russia’s renowned and talented jewelry designers, has been running her namesake jewelry brand, offering unique pieces of jewelry that are mostly made by hand. Lisa is also involved in the creative part and approaches each order individually. The workshop has a full production cycle, from metal casting to hot enamel painting.

Liza holds an uncompromising attitude to the design and quality of her products. Technically complex work: transformable jewelry, hot enamel or pavé painting on plastic forms are the hallmark of the Liza Borzaya brand. The designer argues that jewelry is not created for showcases alone: every piece of jewelry is special in creating awareness, whether for everyday wear or for an event… The white Russian winter, the vibrant colors of the Christmas season, the enchanting atmosphere of nature and many other different subjects are the witnesses of the rich story of the Liza Borzaya brand.

Known as one of the most promising American designers in high jewelry, Anna Hu’s unique jewelry is everywhere, from Fashion Weeks and red carpets to social media platforms and Search and Explore on Instagram. After a career at Christie’s, Van Cleef & Arpels and Harry Winston, the Taiwanese-born designer founded her eponymous Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie at the age of 30 and opened her first boutique a year later in New York’s famous Plaza Hotel.

A professional cellist, Anna’s design inspirations often stem from her deep commitment to classical music, but also refer to the rich heritage and nature of the Far East. In addition to her artistic talent, Anna also excels at marketing her products. She designs eye-catching jewelry that not only looks good but also makes a difference in creating thought-provoking forms and an unusual color harmony that will increase sales. Representing classic craftsmanship and new innovation, Anna Hu – Haute Joaillerie products are made in ateliers in New York and Paris and are among the best in the world.

Ceren Yılmaz and İrem Öztürk Demir, two sisters, one an architect and the other a designer, broke new ground in the jewelry industry with the Meri Krutzo Fine Jewellery brand they founded 2 years ago. Meri Krutzo, which has designs that can appeal to all tastes, offers collections where craftsmanship stands out, from body chain body jewelry to anklets that will guarantee attractiveness at every step. The positive energy sources from nature are evaluated by combining them with contemporary jewelry. Meri Krutzo, whose biggest inspirations are “Eye”, “Balance” and “Energy”, blends the precious stones of nature with gold and designs pieces that city people can use in the natural flow and help them express themselves by integrating.

Focusing on the contrast of glitter and simplicity in her designs, Meri Krutzo proposes designs that reflect the festive spirit for the new year. Reflecting the enamel technique on jewelry in a subtle way, the brand’s New Year’s concept is decorated with precious stones. These red and green jewelry pieces feature high-carat diamonds as well as colored gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts.

Italian designer Fabio Salini is famous for his high jewelry that reflects his interpretation of femininity. Avoiding the flower and bow forms we are used to seeing in many designs, the Roman artist believes that natural materials more accurately embody female energy. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, wild coral branches, ropes, skins, and horns can be found in her handmade jewelry.

Salini; “…The idea of jewelry as something which adorns a woman like a doll, delicate and weak, to me is out of touch with the women of today. Rather than creating subtly shimmering pieces, there’s always a lot of interest in bold and dramatic designs that stand out as works of art.”

One of Fabio Salini’s greatest contributions to the world of modern high jewelry is his work with carbon fiber, the silky black finish on many of his unique creations. Known for its contemporary aesthetics, Salini jewelry inspires women to “be brave, confident and dare to be different”.