Established in early 2019 by Canalp Karışık and Soner Bora Dinç, Bars Jewelry produces historic designs with an innovative perspective. Inspired by historical artifacts and ancient legends, it brings together handcrafts and natural stones to the present day. By transforming their friendship that began in the Grand Bazaar, the heart of the jewelry profession, into a business partnership, these two friends thus laid the foundations of Bars Jewelry.

Soner Bora Dinç said that: “Today, jewelry gets more mechanization every day, as Bars Jewelry, we have adopted a vision of returning to our social roots and carrying the craftsmanship transferred from generation to generation by our masters to the present. Apart from our partnership with Canalp, we already had an old friendship. We had to do something together. Whenever we met, we had always talked about business. Always, we used to tell our new ideas to each other. As we always talked about the business, we decided to start a business. I have about 15 years of experience in the industry, Can is a hardworking business person who has been kneaded at every level in his family company, which has been a jeweler since childhood. Together we formed an innovative and dynamic team and established Bars.

As Bars Jewelry, our goal is to bring the products that we have designed and produced with due care to different countries of the world. There is no limit to what we can learn in our journey to the cultures and historical heritage of different geographies, and there is no limit to the variety we can offer our customers. History is so deep that there are countless cities in which you can get lost, that we have started to visit. So, we greet our customers with a new collection in every fair we attend.”

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