One ıcon, one sıgnature craft- the new Possessıon collection of pıaget

The Possession collection revolves around a spinning movement and a shape. Unique and playful, Possession is an invitation to turn life on. More than a collection, Possession is an invitation to freely express our personalities. Both simple and sophisticated, it invites creativity and stands as a rallying sign for a community eager to experience, explore and have fun while being given a chance to tell its own story with style.

Created in 1961, the Décor Palace is the epitome of Piaget’s gold craftsmanship. Inspired by the guilloché technique traditionally used on watches, this Piaget signature adornment gives gold sumptuous light effects by meticulously texturing the precious material with irregular streaks.  Manually engraved, each Décor Palace piece is one of a kind. Adding on to Possession’s exclusive turning element, the Palace Décor makes this new set of seven rings and one triple rose gold earring even more special.

Piaget’s unique expertise in gemmology is also displayed here with incredible gusto. On each ring and earring, a diamond is highlighted thanks to two half spheres of gold surrounding it, known as the “half-moon setting”.

Piaget surely knows how to mix colour, volume and textures in an unmistakably artistic approach. With one or two paved turning rings, half-moon set diamonds, bigger or smaller size, white or rose gold, Piaget’s creativity and savoir-faire are perfectly expressed through those new rings.

Possession is a click announcing something about to happen, as the starting point of new beginnings. The collection is an invitation to play, to twist, to turn life on, offering endless possibilities to mix and match the pieces. Worn on their own or stacked together, the Possession collection and its newest Palace Décor iteration demonstrate a perfect sense of elegance combined with historical know-how.

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