Platınum Jewellery Sales Rıse ın Key Markets as Jewellers Leverage Marketıng Inıtıatıves to Capture Demand ın the Jewellery Buyıng Season

Platinum Guild International (PGI) has recently published their latest Platinum Jewellery Business Review Q2 2022 which provides an overview of platinum jewellery insights across India, USA, Japan and China.

Manufacturing and retail partners attract customers through marketing initiatives and branded collections:

“As consumers rejoice in the return of festivities and shipping after successive lockdowns, the industry’s marketing and promotional campaigns have renewed the appetite for platinum jewellery that is appreciated for its quality, worth and emotional value,” said Huw Daniel, CEO of PGI. “At the same time, our manufacturing and retail partners are delivering diverse branded collections to drive margin growth and appeal to more customers.”

Jewellers invest resources in platinum jewellery to capture new opportunities:

“Bolstered by the jewellery buying season and marketing efforts to unlock demand, retailers and manufacturers continue to invest more resources to work with platinum. The unique qualities and emotional appeal of platinum, and its potential to drive margin growth and capture incremental demand through innovation, design diversity, quality branded collections and increased consumer engagement point to new opportunities for jewellers,” said Zhenzhen Liu, Director of Global Corporate Marketing of PGI.

Platinum Guild International, a worldwide marketing organisation dedicated to creating, and strengthening consumer and trade markets for platinum jewellery, has recently published the latest Platinum Jewellery Business Review (PJBR) Q2 2022.

A continued recovery in platinum jewellery sales in India, Japan and the United States in Q2 2022 has been reported, despite the lingering effects of the pandemic and rising inflation. In part, the upswing has been fuelled by a series of marketing programmes underscoring platinum’s lustre and emotional appeal, supporting the industry’s demand to drive sales and margin growth post-pandemic.

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