Pandora unveıls fırst-ever art collaboratıon wıth Keıth Harıng

Dubbed the ‘Keith Haring x Pandora’ collection, the 12-piece collection features colorful and symbolic works by the artist including the barking dog, angel baby and signature bold lines. The collection will launch with a marketing campaign, which nods to the 1980s downtown New York scene, which inspired Haring’s signature pop art style. 

As early as 1980, Haring began exhibiting in galleries and museums around the world, but continued to participate in public projects, including literacy campaigns and anti-Aids initiatives. Throughout his career, Haring produced murals, sculptures and paintings to benefit hospitals, underprivileged children’s groups and various community health organizations.

Haring died in New York in February 1990 of Aids, at the age of 31. Before his death, he established a foundation in his name to maintain and enhance his legacy of giving to children’s and Aids organizations. Today, his work is featured in major private and public collections. 

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