Donatıons from sales of the Le Vıan Bee Posıtıve collectıon to help bees

The Le Vian brand takes its founder’s affection for the bee and its latest collection called Bee Positive and expands it into action. As part of the launch of the Bee Positive campaign, the Le Vian team joined the Bees Without Borders team as they released 3 million bees in New York to highlight the important role that bees play in the world.

The brand will donate $20 from the sale of each piece in the Bee Positive collection to Bees Without Borders, a charity founded by New York beekeeper Andrew Kote, which aims to increase the number of beekeepers in poor areas by providing new sources of income from honey production.

What makes Le Vian bees extraordinary are the materials used. The New York-based company describes the materials as honey-gold in addition to vanilla and chocolate diamonds, which “come together like worker bees” on each piece.