Offering different lives to different expectations in its every corner , Bodrum impresses with its masters and brands setting their hearts on craftsmanship.

The Fisherman of Halicarnassus’s Bodrum hosts pleasant brands sometimes on sandals sometimes on jewellery or hand-painted special ceramics.

Since 1993, from bar gold to products on showcases, implementing its every production stage in the workshops in Bodrum, Ara Collection has stores in Bodrum as well as in Santa Barbara. Moreover it has more than 100 sales points all over the world including Aspen. The designs all of which are made from 24-carat gold including all the processes from bar gold to finished product in showcases are produced in Bodrum. The most interesting detail of designs are that every piece of the collection is all hand molding.

Though the designs created by micro mosaic technique seen in the brand’s designs are highly attractive, the necklace pendant in fish form, which is the signature of Ara Collection, is the most popular and among the top designs that is identified with Bodrum.

Ara Collection, whose customers are also world-famous stars like Katy Perry, Salma Hayek, Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey meets jewellery lovers in many jewellery stores in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.