A NEW REVOLUTION IN COLORED GEMSTONES: GEMCLOUD BRINGS THE GEMSTONE INDUSTRY ONLINE GemCloud technologies - focused on the colored gemstone supply chain – transform gemstone inventories into a shareable digital interactive library, create a unique, secure,

Cartier has launched two new “Métiers d’Art“ watch models which were designed with matting, gold embossment, and filigree techniques and which are a piece of artwork. Cartier shared two new “Métiers d’Art” watch models designed by

What estimates do you have about the jewelry industry after CV-19? How can this moment be transformed into an opportunity? How is the forecasting done? Forecasting is done according to experiences. But the current pandemic is

How do you evaluate this period we live with Covid-19? It is necessary to evaluate this period as an opportunity to see the week points t be developed and to increase efficiency. We are always in