What are the trend earrıngs of thıs sprıng?

Earrings are indispensable for creating a full-fledged fashion look, be it casual or formal. Jewelry trends are very diverse this season. The most current models will suit any style of clothing.

Large, eye-catching cuffs are popular this season. So, Alexander McQueen offers geometric earrings that cover the entire surface of the ear. A similar model is in the spring/summer collection of Stella Mccartney.

Pearl earrings haven’t lost their popularity for several seasons, but in the spring of 2021, long models should be preferred. Brands are focusing on one large pearl rather than a placer of stones.

Massive hoop earrings are an accessory from the 1990s. This season they are again relevant. Especially “twisted” like Bottega Veneta.

Large logos are trending again thanks to the return of noughties fashion. This trend has also affected the decoration. In the new collections, there was a place for noticeable earrings made in the form of logos or decorated with them.

Wearing a single earring is a bold but already very popular trend among influencers. So, in the new Chloe collection there is an earring in the form of a logo, decorated with pearls. These mono earrings are self-contained and don’t require any pair.

Following Cartier with the updated Trinity collection, other brands have also taken a fancy to the combination of white, rose and yellow gold.

Huge jewels often appear in spring-summer collections. Long earrings or broaches with large round pearls or metal balls are gaining popularity this year. Such decorations evoke associations with the disco era.

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