Watches from the future

Rado presents a series of futuristic watches based on the new True Square model.

This year, the Rado presented its first watch with a square case. In May, they unveiled the True Square collection of fifteen models, including the True Square Open Heart, the world’s only high-tech ceramic square skeletons. This release is one of the loudest and most successful for Rado in the past few years, so it comes as no surprise that the manufacturer chose this model for the annual special edition of designer watches.

This time, the brand has teamed up with three creative partners:

– Italian-Dutch Bureau FormaFantasma;

– Japanese duo YOY;

– British designer Tej Chauhan.

Rado True Square FormaFantasma

In this model, the role of the prima ballerina is played by a refined closed phantom body, as if cut out of ivory. And despite the fact that the white ceramic masterpiece looks futuristic and daring, it refers us to the history and classics of the watch industry – pocket watches. Previously, the case served as a protective function, protecting the fragile dial and internal movement.  

The only way to see the time was through a small window. The Italians Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, who opened FormaFantasma in Amsterdam, specialize in exploring the context and diving into the historical and social aspects of design, so it makes sense that they decided to experiment with archives.

Rado True Square Undigital

The Japanese duo YOY ironically spoke about the global digitalization of the world. Its True Square Undigital variation has a seven-segment indicator that forms like digital hands, but in fact it is a classic analog dial. The True Square Undigital – is a little trick in an ultra-thin high-tech ceramic case.

Rado True Square x Tej Chauhan

UK industrial designer Tej Chauhan has created the most hypebeasti, and pop culture version of True Square that streetwear fans will surely love. Vibrant colors, streamlined shapes, innovative ceramics and matte texture. Special attention should be paid to the bracelet made of leather details in the form of cushions, fastened with details also made of high-tech ceramics.

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