So Elegantly, more dreamy – Dıor’s new Tıe & Dıor hıgh jewellery collectıon

An expansion from the previously released Gem Dior and Dior et Moi lines, Dior’s latest high jewellery collection, Tie & Dior, is a continued exploration of abstract forms and delightful hues.

At a time when a spark of magic in the world is needed more than ever, Victoire de Castellane, artistic director of Dior jewellery, lends her kaleidoscopic vision for Tie & Dior, a collection that guides us into a dreamlike world filled with rainbow colours and fantastical lustre.

Exceptional stones in different sizes and cuts — from round to oval, pear and marquise — were paired together in unexpected compositions that exhibit remarkable movements and rhythms. Like a hypnotic trail of ink spreading out on paper, the gemstone colour gradient here evokes movement. Pearls in an array of hues – from candy pink to pistachio green – accentuate the intensity of the precious stones, while adding texture with their silky lustre.

The audacious creations showcase a variety of exquisite gems in different sizes. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and grey spinels in round, oval, pear and marquise cuts are artfully combined in alluring colour gradations – from blue to green, and pink to white.

While kaleidoscopic colours dominate the collection, there are also an array of classic styles that are equally mesmerising. Akin to beautifully written prose, lines of diamonds and gemstones in graduated tones act like punctuation, lending rhythm to asymmetrical earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings set in platinum, and white, rose and yellow gold.

From its boundless creativity to exceptional savoir-faire, the Tie & Dior collection is a refreshing addition to the world of haute joaillerie.

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