The famous Fabergé mosaıc brooch wıll be auctıoned at Chrıstıe’s

The amazing brooch is a colorful set of 355 gems imitating embroidered fabric. It will be sold at Christie’s London auction on November 29th. The auction house valued the jewellery at $ 122,000.

Made in St. Petersburg around 1913, the brooch has a diameter of only 4.3 cm. The platinum lattice panel, despite its small size, contains 640 holes: 40 horizontally and 16 vertically. Most of the holes are filled with diamonds, rubies, topaz, sapphires, demantoids, garnets and emeralds. The brooch is decorated with floral motifs in the Russian style.

Fabergé craftsmen carved each square hole by hand. Each gem had to be cut in such a way that it would fit perfectly into its allotted space of approximately 1 mm x 1 mm. According to Christie’s, the same technique was used for the Imperial Mosaic Egg, donated by Nicholas II to his wife Alexandra Feodorovna in 1914.

The unique brooch will be presented at Christie’s auction entitled “A Selection of Fabergé Masterpieces from the Harry Woolf Collection”.