Pandora is presented a new collection Pandora Me and new ambassadors. Pandora ME creative collective founders are : Addison Rae, Charli XCX, Beabadoobee, Donté Colley and Cecilia Cantarano.

Charli XCX is a singer and artist defying the trends of pop music. When it comes to styling, Charli is a master of reinvention; she replays all day.

Cecilia Cantarano lives to the beat of her own track. She’s the queen of improv and loves freestyling her Pandora ME to reflect her creativity.

Addison Rae’s power lies in being a self-made pop princess defying the conventions of music. She shares her love of experimentation by restyling her Pandora ME links whenever she feels like it.

Singer songwriter Beabadoobee wears her heart on her bracelet with word connectors that express facets of her personality.

Donté Colley is an unstoppable force of optimism, bringing joy to every single one of his followers. When it comes to his look, more is always more.

Discover more about each styling accent from the Pandora ME collection. Style your Pandora ME link carriers with styling links, connectors, mini dangles and medallions that express who you are. This is the ultimate destination for mixing, matching and customising your new Pandora ME jewellery.