Schıaparellı opened Haute Couture Week ın Parıs wıth the “Matador” collectıon

Schiaparelli presented their Fall / Winter 2021/22 couture collection called Matador led by Daniel Roseberry. There are 26 such “multi-layered” looks in the collection, each of which is definitely a work of art and a vivid example of what haute couture is: luxurious, rich, bright and inaccessible.

Daniel Roseberry enjoys playing with surreal codes that are so important to understanding Schiaparelli’s DNA. Salvador Dali, who was very friendly with Elsa Schiaparelli and collaborated with her more than once, would have appreciated the huge golden roses, enamel eyes drowned in flower buds, necklaces referring to the anatomical structure of the lungs, and earrings in the form of huge crosses. Hyper-realistic toe shoes deserve special attention – one of Daniel’s favorite tricks, which he uses from collection to collection.

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