Harry Wınston reveals 4 phases of love ın Wınston Wıth Love collectıon

The 39-piece series is divided into 4 blocks and celebrates the transformation of romantic feelings. The Winston With Love line consists of thematic blocks: L – Winston Light, O – Winston Obsession, V – Winston Vow and E – Winston Eternity.

Winston Light is the first and most tender stage of love. This is an explosion of joy and fireworks of impressions, which is why the jewelers of the House made the jewelry as colorful and lively as possible, using red rubellites, blue tanzanites and orange spessartites.

Winston Obsession is passion and fire of love when you are obsessed with your loved one. The creative team of Harry Winston has made the jewelry very expressive – even the cutting of some gemstones and the mixed pavé technique creates a feeling of flame. And the Flare earrings and rings reflect Harry Winston’s obsession with the highest quality stones.

Winston Vow is dedicated to eternal vows. Diamonds and rubies are fixed with white and yellow gold prongs, which add dynamics to the items. And the main motive of Winston Vow is heart-cut rubies, hinting at the love of a lifetime.

Winston Eternity completes the Winston With Love collection and talks about the highest phase of love. The brand’s designers have focused on the theme of interlacing, investing in it the desire of two people to spend their entire lives together. The Endless Love Jewelry Set was created based on Harry Winston’s signature twisted pattern. The key combination of Winston Eternity is diamonds, rubies and pink sapphires.

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