Monıca Rıch Kosann take readers on a dıamond jewelry journey to “Brıdgerton”

Fine jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann has joined forces with the Emmy-award-winning costume designer of Netflix’s hit show, Bridgerton, Ellen Mirojnick to create a collection that will transport you to the Regency era. Filled with romance, natural diamonds, and special mementos, this new Bridgerton jewelry collection will not only sweep you off your feet but serves to kick off Shondaland’s new Seat at the Table initiative.

Monica is a born and raised New Yorker. “Working as a photographer, I was always a storyteller. I also always had a huge love of jewelry and antiques,” she said. Monica would store her client’s photos in vintage powder compact and cigarette cases. Her clients loved the idea, noting it as an heirloom. “Each piece was one of a kind. They each had a story that was so personal,” Monica told Only Natural Diamonds. “It got me thinking, what if I could make some of these new again and turn this into a business?” Soon enough, Monica was selling personalized vintage powder compact cases and cigarette cases on a little shelf in Bergdorf Goodman.

While her business was taking off, Monica reflected on her love for all jewelry from the 1900s— specifically lockets and charms. “Lockets are the sexiest piece of jewelry a woman could wear,” she said. “Lockets are a way to tell a story, and this resonated with people.”

The jewelry collection also features a posey ring that was turned into a crown as a direct nod to the Queen in Bridgerton, with the word “queen” inscribed on the inside. There is also a bee charm, a symbol that plays a large part in the latest season and also features the show’s signature whimsical aesthetic with the wings in the shape of ribbons and bows, and diamonds, of course.

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