ISSEY MIYAKE – The Japanese desıgner who made hıstory wıth hıs tımeless ıdeas

Issey Miyake, who embraced the elements of rich Japanese culture in every detail of his designs, created the unique style of a scientist like Steve Jobs, combined futuristic style with technological elements,
and produced signature modern collections, died after a long illness. His work has always shaped the evolution of fashion. Miyake favored the most recent technological techniques and achieved a harmonious synthesis between art and style.

Miyake began his career working with Givenchy and Guy Laroche, then in 1970, he founded his own brand, whose name is still recognized for innovative techniques and visionary designs. In fact, what made the Japanese designer’s legendary achievements a reality is the pleating technique that has become the core DNA of the Issey Miyake brand… Among the most iconic collections of Miyake, who is widely celebrated as the true futurist of fashion, is “Pleats Please”, a collection of pressed pleated pieces heavily inspired by the “Fortuny” dresses of 19th century Venice. The pleat fabric never loses its shape and does not require ironing. Having transformed this technique into an art form, the fashion designer was honored with the “Légion d’honneur” of France for this remarkable and unique artistic discovery. He was also awarded a doctorate degree from the Royal College of Art in London.

Issey Miyake is not only the mastermind behind some of the most extravagant creations, but also the originator of monochrome looks equally as popular… One of them is the black turtlenecks favored by Apple founder Steve Jobs… Turtlenecks have been associated with good luck, wealth, and high-level success all thanks to the American entrepreneur. In fact, the Japanese designer created a uniform for Sony employees, whom Jobs happened to be there to visit. The scientist was so fascinated by the idea and asked the famous fashion designer to create such clothes for him and Apple employees. Following the death of Jobs in 2011, Miyake eventually decided to cancel sales of the popular black sweater, which had been a signature style in the scientific world with its simple, monochrome, and unpretentious black turtlenecks.

Miyake has always been on a mission to design beautiful but also comfortable clothes, which is exactly why throughout his career he has particularly focussed on the use of new technologies in the creation of eco-friendly and eco-pieces. Towards the end of the eighties, the fashion designer started working on single-thread clothing technology. Celebrating its birth with a computer program after a long period of research, the “A-POC: A Piece of Cloth” collection featured garments rather shaped like art objects. In 2005, a piece from the A-POC collection even became one of the objects of “The Museum Of Modern Art” in New York.

In 2007, Mr. Miyake has resigned from his position as the creative director of his own brand. From then on, the role has been held by several Japanese designers who have faithfully inherited the legacy of the
designer’s vision. Along with iconic fabric techniques, some of the mostrecent collections of the brand are defined by modern interpretations of Miyake’s signature designs. Among other aspects of fashion and textile design, Miyake was also the master creator of fine accessories, jewellery, shoes, and the perfume “L’Eau D’Issey”, which is still considered an exquisite and iconic fragrance. More than 300 Issey Miyake boutiques around the world welcome those who prefer luxurious brands.

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