Jewelry watches that had been manufactured only as pendants until the mid-19th century ceased to be just an ornamental accessory and mediated the zeitgeist after the 1860s.
Landing quickly on arms from necks, these watches open the door of a world enriched with grandeur through precious pieces. Watchmakers make room for dashing looks by turning interior and exterior design and faces of the watches into fancy jewels adorned with diamonds and other precious stones.

With their practical uses, jewelry watches are always a notch better than plain accessories. They not only complete and adorn the casual style and convivial look of modern women but also fit into every image with their customized design and functionality. In the design of jewelry watches, the most frequently used precious metals are gold, silver, and platinum. However, the fine line of luxurious watch brands is the frequent mixture of pink and white gold.

Swiss watch company Jaeger-LeCoultre has an exceptional achievement in jewelry watch design. The watch series of the brand introduced by La Grande Maison in 1929 led to a revolution. Its minimalist size and drop-cut diamonds offer aesthetic freedom areas for new-generation designers. Developed half a century before today’s modern aided design and production technology emerged, Calibre 101 is an exceptional achievement in miniaturization. Tiny calibre which is 14 mm long, less than 5 mm in width and only one gram in weight continues to be the smallest mechanical action in the world.

Over the years, Calibre 101 was incorporated in jewelry watches and other great Maisons’ creations by Jaeger-LeCoultre under his own name. These rare watches adorned the wrists of strong and self confident women, including Queen Elizabeth II. who wore a gift from French President at her coronation in 1953.

Inspired by white flowers that can grow under the thin snow layer in the Vallee de Joux valley, Jaeger-LeCoultre repeats the petal pattern with the same symmetry all around the bracelet in Calibre 101 Snowdrop watch including the face as a pear-shaped diamond, the circle as its surrounding and waves. A total of 20.9 carats 904 diamonds of which 204 are pear-shaped and the rest is bright cut representing Jaeger-LeCoultre masters’ 130 hours of work only in engraving jewels. The designers preferred a “griffe” setting for rare diamonds that reduced the metal’s existence to a minimum and let the light pass through the stones in every direction. In this way, the sparkle of the watch becomes dense and one gets the impression that diamonds might be floating on the surface of the bracelets. Another prominent jewel piece of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Calibre 101 series is Bangle watch. The bracelet watch is a bold expression of feminism inspired by Art Deco’s elegant geometry and the powerful forms of 20. century Modernism. In order to emphasize the bracelet’s wide twisted design as a dynamic interaction of symmetry and asymmetry, it is adorned by 996 diamonds amounting to 19.7 carats as the total weight of graded in size. Here the artisans have combined “griffe” and particle setting technics in order to increase the three-dimensional effect of diamond and optimize the trick of the light.