The 2’nd Season of Emıly ın Parıs becomes the compass of the year’s fashıon ınnovatıons

The one of Netflix’s most successful projects in recent years The 2nd Season of Emily in Paris is on the top of the list with its fun atmosphere and ambitious looks. The main heroine of the series, which is about the French fashion industry and the life of today’s style icons, is Emily Cooper, who is originally from Chicago, but is more fashionly than a Parisian.

Patricia Field, the costume designer of, the series, used the power of fashion to convey to the audience not only Emily, but also the unique stories of other characters. Field, who previously designed the costumes for the Sex and The City and Devil Wears Prada projects, states that the character of Emily isn’t as free in fashion as the characters in these productions, so because her style is adorned with Parisian influences, she has different touches. Emily’s clothes are not only colorful, but also demonstrate a harmonious mix of different patterns from each other. We often see plaid and crowbar prints that match the French style in the clothes and hats that Emily has chosen.

In the first episode of the new season Emily gives the message of the indispensable combination of the spring season displaying a lively look with rich greens, fluorescent pinks and electric blues. The main focus of the combine is the grass green tone. A Chanel style pencil skirt, a classic handbag and a lush classic jacket with buttons are the perfect example of how bright and fashionable shades combine in a single look. Those who love 60’s vintage looks will definitely appreciate the heart-printed white dress that fits perfectly with the Parisian landscape. Emily completed the outfit with red shoes and red lipstick to be seasonal.

Pantone Color Institute has determined the color of 2022 as Very Peri, which symbolizes freshness, creativity and the future. Viewers of Emily in Paris Season 2 discovered again hints of this tone in some outfits and accessories. Seeing the more striking shade of the purple palette on Emily also points out that this production is a fashion herald rather than a series. Although we are entering spring, long boots and a Panama hat are still a favorite complement to iconic looks. The two main trends of the year bravely present the commonalities of the American-French style through Emily.

The series, which broke the viewership record, has a close relationship with luxury fashion. Pieces of famous brands such as Chanel, Prada, Dior, Chloe, YSL, Balmain, and Jacquemus from different periods prove that the original style is always one step ahead of fashion, regardless of seasonal trends.
Although Emily in Paris creates a leading attitude with bold fashion looks, jewelry that isn’t used much, but doesn’t lose its complementary role to anyone is also on our route. The Mindy character is undoubtedly the most popular accessory and jewelry carrier in the series. The designs of AZ Factory, Roberto Coin, Ileana Makri and Zeu+Dione brands add a different feature to each character. One of the main partners of the project is the Italian brand Roberto Coin, which adapts to every combination with its precious jewelry from the Art Deco collection.

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