Le Vıan launches ıts largest ever Hıgh Jewelry collectıon

Le Vian is thrilled to introduce its most extensive and luxurious High Jewelry collection to date, available exclusively in the US. Le Vian’s High Jewelry collection contains one-of-a-kind pieces that exude radiance and elegance. 

Dedicated to creating the finest, most luxurious jewelry, Le Vian crafted every piece in the High Jewelry collection with an acute attention to detail. Each impressive item in this collection has been given a special name with full gem descriptions. 

A celebration of color, the gemstones used throughout this collection are beaming with intensity. Many of the High Jewelry Collection pieces feature Le Vian’s signature Sunny Yellow Diamonds®. These rare gemstones, with their bright color and eye-catching sparkle, are a jewelry lover’s dream. Designed to promote optimism and positivity, Le Vian’s luxurious and ultra-feminine Sunny Yellow Diamonds® will make anyone’s personal sparkle shine through. Le Vian’s Sunny Yellow Diamonds are 10,000 times rarer than traditional white diamonds.

Another of the prized gemstones found in this collection is Vian’s Peacock Aquaprase, the first gemstone discovery of the twenty-first century. A unique and exquisite gemstone, Peacock Aquaprase combines a blue-green hue with a matrix of brown and white that evokes the waters of the Aegean Sea. And as no two are alike, customers can select their favourite for a piece unique to them. 

Le Vian CEO, Eddie LeVian says: “Le Vian is proud to have brought together New York’s top jewellery craftspeople to handcraft this stunning collection of high jewellery pieces, each one designed to be treasured forever. I am thrilled we are offering our widest selection ever of one-off jewels to American collectors.” 

Already well-known for being the jeweler of choice for celebrities and millions of fine-jewelry lovers across the U.S. and beyond, Le Vian is now claiming its place in the elevated, rarefied world of high jewelry. 

To mark the launch of this collection, Le Vian has created a fully clickable catalogue enabling clients to preview and reserve these one-off pieces. The catalogue contains detailed information about the extraordinary, rare gemstones incorporated within these designs.