Gembrıdge launches ıts new consumer marketplace called Frıends of Gembrıdge

Digital marketplace Gembridge has opened a brand new global sales channel, Friends of Gembridge, enabling its Trade Members to sell directly to gemstone enthusiasts around the world at wholesale-plus prices.

Gembridge’s new consumer marketplace will connect its Trade Members via social media to 500,000 potential buyers of gemstones and jewellery each month, growing to over 3 million per month by the end of the year.

“We are committed to helping all our members sell more gemstones and jewellery online. With this launch they now have the opportunity to sell to a new audience of consumer buyers called Friends of Gembridge who are people who share our passion for coloured gemstones and jewellery, but don’t necessarily make a living from buying and selling,” says Tony Brooke, Chairman of Gembridge.

Trade Members who list stock for sale on Gembridge’s B2B marketplace can now simply opt-in to also make their listings available in Gembridge’s consumer market at special prices.

“Prices offered to the Friends of Gembridge should be as close to Trade prices as possible. From our experience, online shoppers expect to pay less, not more,” says Helen Molesworth, Head of Business Development of Gembridge.

Friends of Gembridge will not have access to Gembridge’s B2B marketplace which remains restricted to trade members only. Trade listings and wholesale prices are only accessible via password to Trade Members who have passed a strict KYC/AML verification and a peer review by Gembridge management.

“We will continue to safeguard, protect and grow our B2B marketplace, while inviting a huge new audience to purchase their perfect coloured gemstones on Gembridge,” said Tony Brooke.  

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