Al Zaın Pays Trıbute to Islamıc Gardens Wıth New Hıgh Jewelry Collectıon

With a longstanding legacy of exceptional craftsmanship and a timeless Arabian heritage, Al Zain has established itself as a leading designer, manufacturer, and retailer of fine jewelry. With its roots firmly placed in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1930, the brand continues to fascinate customers across the region. Now, with the birth of a new collection, Al Zain is prepared to marvel once again.

Al Zain introduces Jena, a name that translates to ‘a ripe fruit within easy reach’: A new high jewelry collection inspired by timeless geometry and fruits found in Islamic gardens. For centuries, geometry has been central to regional tradition and knowledge, often believed to be a manifestation of the divine. From arabesque patterns to the arches and curves of historic architecture, every element tells a tale of intention and precision. It is this tradition that Jena draws upon and imbues into the collection to create a timeless symphony.

Another central motif is the abundance of life found in the fruits that enrich these gardens. From radiant pomegranates to tender figs, each piece serves as a testament to these wonders of nature. The virtues of these fruits and their colorful nature became a glittering tribute to Islamic heritage in the hands of highly skilled craftsmen. With a careful selection of precious materials and countless hours devoted to perfecting every detail, this collection is a testament to the excellence of Al Zain.