FOPE Black Dıamond Collectıon Is Made for the Modern Gentlemen

The key to wearing jewellery is confidence. And when the jewellery is as well crafted and brilliantly realised as the latest FOPE Black Diamond collection, it gives you the confidence to go out and conquer.

Comprising necklaces, bracelets, rings and even cufflinks in 18k white, yellow and rose gold, the collection is truly a product of FOPE’s highly innovative craftsmanship.

For one, it is based on the Novecento gold mesh that FOPE pioneered in 1985. Synonymous with FOPE, the Novecento gold mesh is instantly recognisable for its three-dimensional round and oval structure with interlinked gold parts. Robust yet sophisticated in appearance, it redefined the notion of everyday luxury—fine jewellery can also be comfortable, versatile, and beautiful from day to night, and with any outfit. 

Then there is the proprietary Flex’it technology, a system of gold springs interwoven between the clasps to make the jewellery stretchable, flexible and easy to wear. This unique feature that requires no fastener allows one to roll on and off the bracelets and rings in one easy move.

Stack the bracelets to make a greater style statement, change the ring from one finger to another as often as you like—the patented Flex’it makes it so convenient to switch things up as and when you wish.

As for the black diamonds, they are carefully chosen and artfully set into gold rondels and pavé, with the occasional black rhodium giving the already striking mien added flair.

Suitable for any occasion, from a sailing excursion to a business meeting to a black tie evening, the remarkable combination of classic style, expert engineering, and precious gems renders the Black Diamond collection a must-have in a modern gentleman’s style cabinet.